Affiliate Bonus Program.

Share Share Share , Earn Earn Earn , Win Win Win. 

ARC99 very own ARC99 affiliate program. 

Simple and easy step to make extra income. 

How does it work? 

This is a very simple and straight forward program .There for we will explain to you in the most straight forward manner. We try our very best not to confuse you with tons of regulations and step. After all everyone loves the easy job. Here’s how it goes.


  1. Register an account with 
  2. At your profile detail page you will see a link and qr code on display. Each code and link are unique only to your account. 
  3. Copy the QR Image or referral link and share to friends, social media or any person or platform you wish. 
  4. Now the magic happens. Every individual who clicks on the link or scan the qr sent out by you and successfully joined and make a deposit minimum of RM 30 .Our system will automatically recognize that it is your affiliate link and will credit RM1 OR 1 POINT to your account’s wallet. 
  5. That’s it. Plain Simple. 

What to do with your affiliate bonus? 

Is simple too. Every dollar/ point you receive are equivalent to game credits. You have 30 days before the systems automatically transfer all your accumulate earned credits to one of our random products/games. In between the 1 month period you are eligible to transfer to any products/games you wish to until your program reaches its deadline. This will be your extra credits for your game play. It will not affect any bonus or turnovers. Golden Strategies to maximize your winning stakes. The more you have the easier and bigger you’ll win. 

What happens after 30 days? 

Also simple. We wish to provide the most comfortable and profitable platform for each of our members. As long as you are an active member. The affiliate program will renew itself.
It will not die out as long as you are active. Is a lifetime benefit for all our members. 

How to stay as an active member? 

Simple and fun. We all like to have some fun win some prizes during our free time. We are all caught up by work, family day to day stress. Our goal is to ease your stress by not giving you anymore. 
To be an active member all you have to do is maintain a minimum deposit of RM 30 per month. That’s all you have to do. You can still claim any bonus you wish to play any games you like.  Participate our mini games. It will not affect your membership. Deposit a minimum of RM 30 per month to stay active. Easy peasy.

I am active, I just wish to play and enjoy my earned affiliate credits. 

Not a problem at all. Even without any deposit balance leftover in your wallet.  You can always transfer your available affiliate credits to any game accounts and enjoy. As long as you stay as active member. The subjected turnover for affiliate credits are only x 3. 


Turn over x 3 
30 X 3 = 90. 
Your minimum wager will only be 90. 

If you wish to play with available deposit and earned credits. Your turnover will be subjected according to the specific promo’s turnover which you claim during your deposit. If you did not claim any bonus during deposit. No turnover will be imply. 


Still not sure how it works? 
Do not worry. We have professional customer support team 24 hours to answer all your questions. Just drop us a message or contact us on our live chat system. We are more than happy to help. 


Simple Terms and Regulations: 
Like we said. Everything is simple and straight forward. Just a few terms and regulation we can all get this thing running fair and square. 

  1. All earned credits/dollars can not be redeem directly as cash. 
  2. reserve the right to forfeit any amount of earned credits if members are found violated any of our general T&C. 
  3. Earned affiliate credits can be played on any games except (fish hunting , sport books)
  4. Earned points/credit cannot be transfer to other members wallet.